I used to be so scared of change. It wasn’t that I loved how things were, but I wasn’t good with adjustment. As you get older you just realize no matter how hard you try, things change. New job opportunities, arguments, breakups… All will change you for better, or for worse. I’ve learned to stop fighting it and start accepting the fact that it helps you grow. Believe or not, things change and so do people. I’m not one to believe that everyone will just be the same. We ALL go through things that challenge us and change us. With that being said, the lesson I’ve learned is that changes are not a sign of failure; they’re a chance for growth. Embrace it.


Why you should NOT see “A Quiet Place.”

Spoiler alert; it’s not scary. Actually it is a combination of drama and thriller. From reviews I read I thought I wouldn’t be able to sleep alone but it’s more of a drama so don’t expect to get held ladies. It’s not that serious. It is disappointing though because I believed it had potential to make you scared. Want to know how I slept last night? Alone, in the dark and fearless. “Don’t make noise or the thing will get you.” Wasn’t it supposed to scare you a little? I will give it some credit, though. I like that there was sign language and the movie is for the most part quiet, obviously. But I hate how it was done and how it ended. Let’s start with the “creature.”

First off the thing looks like it was fresh off “Alien vs Predator.” It wasn’t scary or original looking. I’m not sure why people think that making a monster with a a bunch of teeth screams “terror” but it doesn’t. It’s weird and played out. They didn’t mention why it attacks when it hears noise or how to kill it. I don’t even think it has a name. It was just there not scaring a soul. They gave it too much power and not enough thought in my opinion.

I also didn’t like that there was nothing to make you jump. It was too predictable. Because it ONLY came when it heard noise you knew when it was coming and who it was coming for. Nothing jumping out of closets or standing right behind you. They could’ve just left the genre as a drama. The creature thing didn’t do anything terrifying or exciting. I mean sure it was fast but it was just like watching a cheetah catch its prey. What part of that is a thriller? Maybe I missed it but there wasn’t anything in there I would call thrilling.

Let’s talk about why the ending was the worst part. Now you guys find out what it doesn’t like? Now you guys want to fight back? At the very end? I can’t tell if it was rushed or poorly written but this was the worst ending scene in movie history. It could’ve been better as the climax to make it more exciting. Nothing is clear. Does the thing die? Will there be a part two? Nobody knows because the movie ends at the one time you actually don’t know what will happen next.

The director was great but the writer was not so impressive. You can’t mix drama and thriller. Pick a struggle. I’m just disappointed because idea had potential but it wasn’t delivered properly. But don’t just take my word for it. See it yourself and let me know what you think.

Online Dating!

Last year I decided to add some excitement to my life by online dating. A friend originally suggested I try it out since I feeling alone and she actually met a prior boyfriend that way. When that first came out her mouth I gave her look like she was crazy, but I thought about it for a few hours. Why not try it? Was it possible to find someone decent on the internet?  Growing up I pictured me meeting someone somewhere random like a corner store or some other fairy tale bull crap, but not on the internet. That was for people who couldn’t catch someone’s eye, right? I decided to give in to curiosity and I downloaded an app called “OkCupid.” I found the BEST photos I could find in my phone and posted them. You know, the ones showing off my innocent smile and maybe a little cleavage? Pictures that said “I’m innocent but sexy at the same damn time.”  .  Next it was time for the bio. How do you say I’m amazing without seeming pressed?  It was quick to the point but very stern on what I was looking for and why I was on the site.  Was I really that desperate that I was relying on an app to help me find someone decent? Damn right! It was time once again to be loved and spoiled and I wanted to know if it would actually work for me. It didn’t. I’m still single and no longer dating but at least I got my share of laughs and even got to learn some things about myself.

The first guy I actually replied back to we will call “Catfish”.  For the most part he was like any other guy on there; messaging me because he thought I was pretty and wanted to meet up.  I checked his profile per usual and was slightly impressed. Nice smile and a Cancer (same zodiac sign as me.)  Compatible and I’m a sucker for pretty smiles. Oh, and let’s not forget he actually messaged me first. I like a guy that can make the first move. Things were looking good.  We exchanged numbers and talked every day. He was from D.C and had this accent that made me love talking to him. I also have a thing for accents. We finally meet up about 2 months later and this is where it ends and why I call him ‘Catfish.” Now, based on his pictures I would’ve thought he was about 5’6 but in person he was only about an inch taller than me! I was a bit taken back but it was no problem. It’s not the size that counts, right? We talked for maybe 30 minutes and he was boring and a little cocky. He also called me a liar because I didn’t use my real name on the site for safety reasons. It annoyed me that months later he wanted to bring it up like I didn’t tell him my real name the same night we talked so he got dropped right after our first meeting. Deuces, Shorty!
Another guy I met actually had the same name as my ex-boyfriend so we will call him X.  X was pretty cool…at first. A nice smiling Capricorn with no kids! We exchanged numbers and sometimes would video chat and have rap battles.  It was all fun and games until we went on a date I ended up paying for.  Strike one! Don’t ask how it happened just know it won’t happen again. Then there was the constant “My mom isn’t home, come over my house. “Strike two. As I mentioned in a previous blog I don’t have a problem going over someone’s house but I do love to be taken out. Especially when I’m first getting to know someone, I just don’t think it’s a good look. We got into a little disagreement about my “not coming over your house” rule. Strike three! It’s ok to disagree with me but trying to make me feel bad for something that makes me uncomfortable doesn’t show you respect me. You’re out.

My final guy was really a nice person we will call Teddy.  In my opinion he wasn’t really attractive to me and he was corny which is why it didn’t work. I know some of you guys think that making a girl laugh is the key to her heart but corny jokes are a MAJOR turn off for me. However, since I loved that at least one person was giving me the attention I was craving, I kept talking to him.  It was harmless until he asked me out. At first, yeah I was going to just get a free meal out of it but my heart wouldn’t let me. I told him straight up I wasn’t interested and that if we did go out I would just pay for myself so I wouldn’t be using him. I felt really bad but he was understanding. We still continued to talk until I got my number changed. I knew that as much as he tried to impress me we weren’t going anywhere.

I deleted the app with no success but at least I learned what
I want and don’t want. It was definitely funnier than I thought it would be. Men suck online and in real life, lesson learned. But, on a serious note I wouldn’t discourage anyone from doing it if they are curious. I do absolutely believe if you’re patient you can find something looking for what you’re looking for. You just have to download the right app.  My advice would be to be safe and patient. There are plenty of people who found people and even got married. Right now, I’m taking a break from dating but I might consider online dating again in the future whenever I’m ready or in need of a few laughs.

Series 31873.0

So Happy 31st birthday to our boy Sammie!!! He actually decided to bless us with his beautiful voice as a gift. That’s right , NEW album alert. It’s titled “Series 31873.0” and is killing the charts on iTunes ! Sammie is doing what he loves and although it’s only 5 songs it is most certainly worth listening to. Who knows, maybe you can relate to it.

  1. “F**k it.” We’ve all been there and done that. You know , going through a breakup and pretending we’re ok but really it’s just a front because deep down we’re hurt. It started off slow but it would be a great song for the club. I was actually surprised about how much I loved this song and it is my favorite song on this album. Super relatable and filled with facts. If you’re going through a breakup it’s ok to have this on repeat and dance in the mirror like you’re that *****. It’s for men and women. Hang in there. Breakups get better. So fuck it! My only take away is the song is only 2:18 and I wish it was longer.
  2. “Ride or Die.” Now y’all know my alter ego is named “Ryder” so I felt a connection to this jam right here. One of my favorite quotes is “loves conquers all” and the lyrics are kind of based on that concept. He even talks about fighting your brother. Ok, Sammie, fight for love. I’m with it! Another short song but super sweet. I think our generation has this belief that relationships should be simple and walk away when things get tough. If you have that mentality this ain’t the track for you. Relationships involve getting through tough times and obstacles together. How else can y’all grow stronger? Y’all don’t hear me though but I hear you Sammie with them vocals. Keep it up, boo.
  3. “Get right.” I so love the meaning behind this track right here and that’s why it’s my second favorite song on here. So basically with this one we get to see that Sammie is caring and understanding. Sometimes we haven’t dealt with all of our pain caused by others and don’t know how to just be loved. We just need time to and it’s ok. The right partner will understand and wait for you. I love the idea of loving someone flaws and all because we want everyone perfect . We’re all in love when someone is shining but what about when they’re going through a bad time? Will you be there to support them and encourage them until they get right ? Another thing I love about this song is it has a guitar solo which just adds to the sexiness. Thank you Sammie for reminded us we deserve to be loved even on the bad days.
  4. “Different.” I low key feel like this is something the majority of us can relate to. I know for me I get tired of the same ol’ lines that I know are lies. This is for the lovers who are looking for that someone special and I do believe you will find them. I know too many people that are sleeping around for a temporary fix and it’s ok but don’t ever lose faith that you’ll find someone who stands out from the rest. Not everyone is the same, keep that in mind when you see someone who catches your eye. This is definitely a song I would love to hear over a home-cooked, candlelit dinner to see that you’re the real deal.
  5. “Goodbye.” Maybe because it’s opens up with “this may be the realest thing I wrote” or maybe because I’m a little tipsy but I thought this song would make me cry. I like to think of this as the male version of “the one that got away.” Another song in which he shows of his beautiful notes but you can feel the heartbreak. It focuses on what happens when we just get tired of fighting and walk away…for good. It sucks but it’s life. It talks about when things go too far. Goodbye doesn’t mean there won’t be a hello ever again , though. So if you’re listening to it and feel bad just write an apology letter and forgive yourself , too. Goodbye gets easier.

All in all it was a great album. Thank you Sammie for reminding our generation that relationships aren’t perfect pictures that people share on Facebook. It’s forgiveness, growth, patience , understanding and a whole lot of other things that other performers won’t speak on. We know you’re ready to be loved and we hope that you find the female you’ve been singing about for a while. We’ve heard about your mistakes and your pain. Now, we just wait for your next album when you sing about being in love. Happy 31st Birthday, King 😘

Hello 2018 !!!!

Hey everyone. It’s been so long since I’ve blogged and I’m sorry. I’ve made some life changes and readjusting my schedule. I hope everyone is having a great year so far. So here are a few things:

  1. I am now a pescatarian. Due to some health issues I have cut meat out of my diet as of 12/30/17. I did it cold turkey and was a little nervous that I might cave but I’ve been sticking with it. My “last meal” was a chicken box. Occasionally, I may crave meat but protein bars help. My favorite thing to eat is Vegan burgers. Surprisingly, they taste like the real thing. Holy Cow (pun intended)! I’ve been eating more vegetables which is always a good thing. I even feel better emotionally and physically. I can now get up at 5 am and not feel tired. I have so much energy that I no longer need coffee. It was a good life change. Another thing people didn’t think I would last this long. Oh, how I love to prove people wrong. My suggestion to anyone that is considering changing their diet is start slowly. You DON’T have to just quit. Give your body some time to adjust or else you will get sick.
  2. I am going to the gym. Now, if I said I was going everyday I’d be lying. I do, however, go at least 5 times a week and I love it. I started with working out for 30 minutes and now I do about 45-60 minutes. I came up with this rule that I don’t tell myself “I can’t” so if i say I will do a certain amount of a workout or give myself a time goal I always achieve them. If you met me years ago a personal joke of mine was “The gym? You mean like sweat and stuff? No!” but the me today loves sweat. Sometimes the pain makes me feel accomplished. I need to confirm but I think I’ve lost close to 10 pounds. My favorite part is just pushing myself because I’m known for giving up on myself but my mindset is changing. A key to having a good workout is having a bombass playlist. Trust me, hearing the right song will have you forgetting the pain.
  3. Ditch the Dove! This winter has been horrible to my skin. I noticed that when I was in the shower my skin would be ok but when I got out it would dry quickly. There were days when I would have to lotion twice a day. So, I decided to try Aveeno which has been working well for me. I just need to find something to keep my hands moisturized.
  4. “New year , new bull$*!+.” I didn’t start this year with a revolution but some things have come up and I’m going down different roads. I’ve decided that even if things aren’t going my way I will not lose sight of what I want. Instead of giving up on myself I’ve been writing down what I want and I just need to come with action plans. 2018 is already kicking my ass but I’ve decided (recently) that I will use these “opportunities” to help me grow into better person. I’m learning how to deal with things in a different way. These challenges aren’t easy but I know in my heart by the end of the year I’ll be thankful for the person it molded me into.
  5. My blogs are about to get personal. I was born with a chromosomal disorder called “Turners Syndrome.” Not too many people know because I don’t speak on it simply for the fact I never used it as a clutch. I feel the need to speak on it now because it does still affect my life. I want to educate others and finally meet people that also have it. I’m accepting it as part of my life and don’t mind sharing it since these are personal blogs. What better way to get to know me than to talk about my 45 chromosomes?

Well, that’s enough about me. What are some things you would like to talk about this year? How is 2018 treating you?

31 Day Blog Challenge

Day 30: What’s in my makeup bag?

I have a Hard Candy eyeshadow kit. It’s 10 different colors but I usually only wear the purple.

I have 2 Revlon ultra hd lip lacquers. One is pink and there’s a red one that’s too bright on me.

I have Rimmel London scandal eyes retro glam mascara.

I have Victoria secret Love Spell perfume which I only wear on special occasions.

I gave a Nude lip butter that I won. I’ve worn it once but I love the fact that you can’t see it, obviously because it’s nude.

31 Day Blog Challenge

Day 29: Where I’ve travelled

So I haven’t gone too far from home but it was out of state and I still had fun so here’s my list. 

New York:

I went to New York for a day and it was pretty nice. I enjoyed the site seeing more than shopping but I did purchase my first pair of Jordans there. 


I LOVE going to Virginia. It’s were my family starts. We go down there and get history lessons and amazing food. It always feels like home going down there. They also have the best Golden Corral. 

North Carolina: 

It’s been years since I’ve been to North Carolina to see my cousins so I don’t really remember it. All I remember that it was so hot that I hated when we did something outside. 


Florida is my most absolute favorite place to vacation. Universal Studios is my favorite amusement park ever. The hotels are amazing. I love the drive down there because its so beautiful. 

Maybe when I get over my fear of flying I can travel even further and blog about it. 

31 Day Blog Challenge

Day 27: Post my fave recipe

So, truth is I don’t really cook but I’ll post how I make tunafish because it is awesome and one of my favorite things to eat. 


  • 2 eggs
  • A can of Starkist tuna (in water)
  • Mayonnaise
  • Sweet relish

How to make it:

Boil eggs for an hour. Really it only takes 30 minutes but I like making sure my food is done. Don’t judge me. Soak in cold water to cool down.

Open the can of tuna and dump it into a bowl. 

Add mayonnaise until it doesn’t look dry anymore. I don’t measure, I just add spoon fulls.

Stir mayonnaise into tuna and then add relish. 2 spoons should be good. 

Cut one of the eggs and mix into tuna. Eat the other just because eggs are awesome by themselves. Eggs! Eggs! Eggs! 

Serving size: 1 because it’s too damn good to share.